Update on What you can Recycle and Where

9/20/19.  With markets dropping demand for recycled materials and foreign nations no longer accepting USA’s contaminated attempts at recycling, here is a list of what, for now, we are still taking.

  • 24/7 drop off at Pacific;
    • 1 & 2 plastics
    • 5 plastics
    • mixed metal
    • Aluminum
  • Pacific during business hours
    • E-waste with the exceptions of TV’s and Monitors.  Also, remove batteries before recycling.
  • Havre Day Activity Center
    • corrugated cardboard
    • shredded paper

Alternative Cardboard Drop off

9/1/18.  You may have noticed that there is no longer cardboard recycling bins at the 24/7 drive through recycling area at Pacific.  We appreciate Pacific transporting cardboard to Havre Day Activity in the past, but they have requested that recyclers drop off there cardboard directly at Havre Day Activity.  They are located between Valley Furniture and Tirerama.  Thank you for continuing to recycle through these changes.

Glass No Longer Accepted

8/2/18. Yesterday was a sad day. It’s the day Recycle Hi-Line had to stop accepting glass for recycling. Thanks to the generosity of Wanda and Roger Meredith, who used their own money to purchase a glass pulverizer, we had been accepting glass for years. The Merediths worked tirelessly to crush, store and try to sell the glass. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of storage space, the machine needs maintenance and we’ve been unable to find anyone to take the crushed glass off our hands. Please help spread the word. The bins will no longer be found at the 24/7 drive through recycling area at Pacific.


2018 Environmental Heroes Named

Recycle Hi-Line presented its 2018 Environmental Hero awards at the Havre City Council meeting on Monday, April 16, 2018, the same meeting where Mayor Solomon proclaimed Havre’s support of Arbor Day on April 30th and Earth Day on April 22nd.

The very worthy winners of this year’s awards include: Gary & Leo’s Fresh Foods and Health Mart Pharmacy, Western Drug and Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen!! We are proud to recognize your efforts which benefit our community, the environment and our future generations. Thank you all for your dedication!

Feed My Sheep 2018 HeroIGA 2018 HeroWestern Drug 2018 Hero

24/7 Recycling Drop Off!  

It’s the end of an era – there will be no more monthly recycle drives. The good news is that area recyclers will now have much more flexibility as they can drop their stuff off in the front of Pacific’s lot 24/7! We’re so grateful to Pacific for putting in the extra fence and letting us collect plastic and glass in their lot. We’re also grateful to our volunteers, and Walmart – without you all this would never have been possible.

More details will be coming soon, as will volunteer opportunities to help us sort and transport plastic and glass so stay tuned!  The thing you can help us with right now and ongoing is to help get the word out that people need to be very diligent about placing the right items in the right bins. This could go bad really quickly if people don’t do their part in following guidelines and keeping contaminants and garbage out. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

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