Plastics We Can’t Accept

What Recycle Hi-Line Cannot Accept in Plastics

  • all styrofoam including peanuts and cups
  • any plastic other than #1, #2, or #5 including:
  • unclean ziplock and all types of sandwich bags
  • hangers
  • candy bags, cheese bags, chip bags, candy wrappers, etc.
  • dog or cat food bags
  • plastic that when crumpled, crackles or has a sharp sound
  • stiff plastic bags
  • plastic oxygen tubing
  • bologna or meat plastic wrappers

The plastic is baled after we collect it, but mixing these products with the accepted plastic will compromise the quality of the end product.  The product of the recycled plastic bales ends up in the landfill because the different plastics do not mix.

The plastics we can accept will have a #1 or #2 or #5 inside a triangle on the bottom.

If in doubt, throw it out!