Recycle Hi-Line Receives Walmart Grant

Tan bags will be given away at Walmart 9/15/12. Contact us to buy a green bag for $3.

Recycle Hi-Line is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a Walmart Foundation Local Community Outreach grant. The $2,500 grant will help to purchase reusable grocery bags to be distributed to local shoppers at select retailers. Recycle Hi-Line also sells reusable bags at Havre’s Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. The group’s goal is to get at least one reusable bag in every Hill County household with the hope that all residents will become accustomed to using the bag for most of their shopping.

Recycle Hi-Line Chair, Candi Zion explains, “When people switch to reusable bags stores save money, landfills have less plastic and there is a lot less litter in the area. Another benefit of the bags this grant will purchase is that they will list resources for residents on where to recycle different commodities locally and the Recycle Hi-Line website will be listed for the most current information. Therefore, this grant will also help increase local recycling and further reduce our landfill impact.”