Why to Recycle

It is simple…to keep our planet from being covered in trash.  We all need play an active part in healing the planet of its lost and damaged resources. We are responsible for the damage and now we must make daily efforts to replenish and revitalize our planet.  Simple things like using reusable bags instead of plastic bags at the market or simply use a rag instead of paper towels. Literally, almost everything we use today can be recycled in some way – be creative.

  • Recycling saves energy as well as our planet and all of its natural resources. Reduce waste by reusing materials or recycling them. It takes a lot less energy to produce a new product than it does to produce the same “new” product from recycled materials.  Recycling saves money for you and for our economy as a whole. Certainly reusing materials is cost effective but so is buying recycled products or products made with recyclable materials. The more consumers buy and create more demand for recyclable goods, the more the demand will be met and costs will go down even more.
  • Plastic Bags – ugh!  Plastic shopping bags are creating a real problem locally. Please read the articles and letters on our Plastic Bag page and feel free to add your support by submitting a letter to the Havre Daily News and help to spread the word – no more plastic shopping bags!
  • Long Term Savings. It is a documented fact that recycling cardboard and paper takes 20% to 30% out of the landfills. Keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill extends the life of the landfill and positively impacts overhead costs. Recycling aids in cutting the need for landfill expansion, and the cost in fuel, tires, and heavy equipment by lessening landfill tonnage.
  • Doing Good For Everyone! Recycling puts useful material back into the production market. Knowing you are doing your part to help the environment and future generations feels good.
  • As the Montana Department of Environmental Quality puts it: Recycling generates significant economic benefits for communities. Recycling employs workers from a range of skill levels in a variety of jobs from materials handling, processing, and shipping; to highly-technical and high-quality product manufacturing. The drive to more efficiently process recycled materials, and to develop new products and markets, spurs innovation which is a key to long-term economic growth. Investment in recycling companies and equipment filters through the local economy and contributes to economic growth.
  • Equally important are the social and environmental benefits of recycling. Recycling promotes a more sustainable use of natural resources. Recycling activities across the state promote community development while conserving public resources. Landfills last longer and fewer new ones are necessary. Pollution is prevented, energy is saved, and less greenhouse gas is emitted.

So, why recycle?  Because it helps the planet and makes you feel good.

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